Monday, January 02, 2006

Mr. Wright

Kira's husband, Peter, inspired me to write again. His blog about becoming a father had me in goosebumps and near tears. I need the writing practice anyway, so I will try the blogging thing in secret for a while. If it goes well, I will go public (by which I mean I will tell my small circle of friends that it is happening).

My little brother proposed to Rachael in front of the Eiffel Tower as the clock struck midnight on New Year's. I am proud of him for the romance of it and the certainty of knowing who he wants to be with.

Meanwhile, I am in moping mode, because school starts again tomorrow and my planning for it was far from complete. It was worth it not to plan, because it meant that I was spending my time recovering, and I even went snow-shoeing and a-visiting to Vermont for the New Year, so I have no real complaints - except that it's now 8:30 and I have to go to bed soon, and I'm not sure how the day will go tomorrow. I am hoping that my relaxation over break will kick in, and I will have a calm and happy day, even though my lesson plans are sketchy at best. I keep thinking of the days when I'm stressed out and frazzled, and I have great plans, but I can't execute them because the kids know that I'm at my wits end and they make it their mission to push me a little bit further. Surely, tomorrow will be better than that.