Friday, December 28, 2007

Jinxing It

So you get all dressed up, and you spend more time than you'd like to admit wondering if it's OK that there's a gap between the bottom edge of your skirt and the top of your very first pair of sexy-ish black boots (with sensible heels) and, if it is OK, should your tights be black or gray? You wear a little bit of make-up because you hear that that's what the real girls are doing these days, but then you get nervous in the car and probably chew it all off your lips, and you have dinner with a guy who looks a little bit like your older brother (who's a good-looking guy, but it's still distracting, because, ick, incest), and then you wind up having a Geek Off right there at the dinner table, and you talk about sci fi and perfect numbers, and you kind of wish you'd shut up, but even more, you kind of wish he'd like this about you, more than the chewed-off lipstick and the skirt, because who knows when you'll be wearing those things again, but the geek? That's forever, baby.


Anonymous said...

Gd, how great is this stuff!

I want to know more like what happened... And did he really look like your older brother? That's not necessarily a bad thing! Maybe this becomes two geeks in paradise.

- lapsed knitter

Alex said...

Nothing happened, probably because I jinxed it. Damn. I'm never talking about my dates again. I'll just write about math from now on. Or the numerous dogs waiting for me to walk them. (Two is a number.)