Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The hip-hop team at my new school is all white. I tried to judge them by the content of their characters, but they were dancing so self-consciously, like a bunch of white folks, and hip-hop looked like something they are just trying on, like joining the math team or playing intramural basketball.

The hip-hop team at my old school was more colorful and they danced together with all of their hearts as if they were dancing out a place for themselves within the mostly white school. And where do the black hip-hoppers go at this new school? How do they dance themselves into acceptance? I'll tell you one thing: I'm pretty sure it won't be with the crew I saw today, unless I'm very wrong.

And so begins a year of Al comparing where she is with where she has been.

Also, phew! I'm beat after six twenty-five-minute-periods today.


OneN said...

Who would have guessed that EP would be more hip with their hop than Edina?!? Huh...have you gotten any cake yet? I'm really only interested in the cake. I've lived in Edina for over six months now and I have yet to get a piece of cake.

Alex said...

I think they're serving free cake at lunch on Thursday. This is not a joke. It's real. And I'm pretty sure you still have to pay if you want bread.