Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh! And Nieces and Nephews.

I forgot to mention how grateful I am for the nieces and nephews in my life.

Right now, five of them are staying with my parents. I've been over to visit a couple of times this week. If I don't bring Buddy, he is the first topic of conversation.

"Where's Buddy?"
"I left him at home, because I just went running."
"Because I ran ten miles and he can't do that."
"Because he's old."
"Can you go get him?"

So last night, I brought Buddy to a family pizza party, where the two local nephews joined the five out-of-towners to create the annual cacophony of familial joy. Buddy's arrival was heralded by the shouts of seven (well, maybe six, since the baby doesn't care) nieces and nephews. He was, once again, the first topic of conversation.

"Buddy! Buddy's here. And Alex!"
"Buddy! Buddy! Buddy!"
"Did Buddy have a bath?"
"Sit! Buddy! Sit! Sit!"
"Did you bring any treats for Buddy?"
"Buddy! Sit!"
"Can Buddy fly on the airplane?"
"Buddy! Lie down! Play dead! Buddy!"
"Buddy licked me! Why did Buddy lick my leg?"
"Buddy! Shake!"
"Buddy! Stand up! Stand up!"

Did I mention that I'm grateful that Buddy is such a good dog? He doesn't know what all of these children are yelling about (and he only obeys their insistent commands to sit when I'm in the background with a stern look), but he accepts their eager attention with a calm submissive demeanor which endears him to them (and to their parents), even though he obviously doesn't know any tricks.


Jill said...

Although I'm sure many treats were dropped on the floor, my sympathies were with Buddy last night. I enjoyed watching him look up at you with his sweet face full of mommy-love and confidence, as if he were thinking, "I understand you, I know how to do this with you. Go ahead, ask me to Sit."

OneN said...

I have to say Alex, that you have moved up the ladder with Cat and Finn and it is you, not Buddy that they ask about. Although with you it is mostly about going swimming, so maybe now it's about the inanimate pool...OK so maybe I should just keep my mouth shut. Really though, the kids love you a lot.

Alex said...

Jill, you captured poor Buddy well. He is a bit simple. Loving, but simple.

I think Buddy lost some of his shine when Joe came on the scene. Oh, well, at least I'm still shiny to those little tow-headed children.

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