Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Packing Procrastinator

I bought a backpack yesterday, and started to set things near it to bring with me. I'm a wretched packer, and so I put it off until the last possible moment. We may have reached the last possible moment today, but, as you can see, I am still procrastinating.

I had people over for a barbeque last night, and that made it seem more real that I was really leaving soon, so after I finish writing this post, I probably will start to tackle filling my pack...but first I have to do the dishes, and clean the bathroom. See? Procrastinating until the end. This way I'll have an excuse when I realize that I didn't bring any socks. ("How could I remember socks? I didn't pack until midnight on Wednesday.") This same philosophy got me through college. ("I got a B on that Hamlet paper, but just imagine how well I could have done if I'd given myself more than six hours to write the thing...")

I'm also realizing as I pack, that never in my life before now, would it occur to me to bring my running shoes, but I'm really trying to make room for them this time. I ran about three miles yesterday and another three today. I'm even thinking of increasing my mileage. You have to realize that I spent 30 years earning my resting pulse of 105 to understand how amazing this paragraph is.

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