Sunday, June 13, 2004

Preparing for Hungary

This is the first Saturday of summer vacation of my first year as a teacher. Everybody says how hard that first year of teaching is, and now that I've completed the year, all I can say is believe it. Around Christmas time, I seriously considered quitting my job. At the change in semester in January, I was getting all new students, and my rationale was that I could leave without deserting any kids. Besides, I was throwing up every morning, and tossing and turning every night. I was losing weight, losing sleep, and feeling like a constant failure.

At the advice of Anne Marie, who survived her first year as a teacher, I weathered that rough spot by reserving a space on a Habitat for Humanity International trip to Csurgo, Hungary. Anne Marie said I had to promise myself a reward when I got to the end.

So, here it is. I survived. I am a seasoned teacher, and, as a special bonus, I get to go to Hungary. I leave on Thursday.

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