Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day

The neighborhood smells like gunpowder. Explosions surround us, small pops and larger ones, and shrieking spinning shouts. When my neighbors aren't throwing meat in the boulevard, I guess they are shopping for explosives and blowing shit up. Buddy hates the 4th of July. Not only does he have to live in some kind of war zone, but I leave him alone for the loudest part, because I just can't keep myself away from the party in Powderhorn just to comfort the dog. He didn't even eat his rawhide while I was away. Too scared. Also, he had let himself into the kitchen and the rawhide was in the living room. Why he was in the kitchen, I don't know, since it's Against the Rules and there was nothing there for him but dirty dishes anyway. The "how" he was in the kitchen has been solved. He jumps my 4 foot tall baby gate. I watched him do it when I returned from the fireworks, graceful in his disobedience. We'll see what kind of trouble he discovers when the baby gate is replaced with a real door. He'll probably take the opportunity to teach himself doorknob technology, and then I'll be sorry.

So, I am not quite packed for my trip. I leave on Sunday. The house is a wreck (dirty dishes rinsed in dog slobber all over the kitchen), and I have no idea what to expect when I get off that plane. This is the least prepared I have ever been for an overseas trip. I'm on my way to bed, so I can finish the packing and cleaning in the morning, before I spend my two hours in the library - and maybe pick up a travel guide that's actually helpful while I'm at it.

What am I doing? I'm going to be in Central Asia in three days, and I don't even know what that means. I guess this is what adventure feels like.

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