Friday, August 08, 2008

Pity, Party of One

I've spent the day painting my back steps, and it's the third day I have been so occupied, and all I have to show for it is back steps fully covered in primer. Primer is to paint what knitting the fist sock is to knitting a pair of socks. You get yourself all worked up, you work for days, and when you finally finish, and you look at the thing, all you can think is, "Great. Now I have to do it all over again." Stupid primer.

The other reason to feel sorry for me is that I had to take the car to the shop today. No, it was nothing serious, but as a former owner of a Swedish car, all of my trips to the shop are accompanied by post traumatic stress disorder.

Also, no matter how fast I watch my Netflix, I can't seem to get more than one a week.

And finally, the real reason to feel sorry for me is that my summer vacation ends today. And see above about how I spent that last day of freedom. Priming. Ugh. Too bad I have to wait for tomorrow for Battlestar Galactica to arrive in the mail.


Elizabeth said...

Sorry about summer ending...but I am SOOO glad we will be colleagues this year!

Jill said...

what does THIS mean: "what knitting the fist sock is to knitting a pair of socks"? hi, DON'T KNIT! quit trying to distract me with your fancy language. ;)

Alex said... about "what baking the first two hundred cookies is to baking your annual allotment of Christmas cookies"? Does that help any? Or are we talking thousands with you and Christmas cookies?