Friday, August 01, 2008

Some Other Things I Like Better Than You'd Expect

So, in addition to Battlestar Galactica, here are a couple of other things I secretly adore, but don't usually advertise, because of my fear of mockery. Now that I'm almost 35, I've decided it's time to let go of the fear and embrace whoever I am. If I don't love myself, who will?
  1. Whole milk and whole milk yogurt. Especially organic milk. I know, I know, I'm supposed to say, "Yuck, it tastes so thick and creamy," but I can't make my lips form those words, because my heart is so filled with love for high-fat dairy products.
  2. Other people's kids. You know the Christmas letter with pictures of your friends' kids, and how you're supposed to be a little bit annoyed, since you don't have kids and so you don't torture your friends with stories of their accomplishments? Yeah, except my wall is still plastered (in August) with those kids' pictures. I like being the fun adult friend. It's amusing to chase little kids until they scream and invent stupid little games that are just repetitive enough that the kids can play along. It's a blast to introduce kids to Choose-Your-Own Adventure stories, and study how they handle the risk of making plot choices as they grow up. Some of these kids I've known since they were little monkey-babies, and so I especially enjoy them now that they seem so human.
  3. The Little Giant. Before I got the Little Giant, I dropped whatever I was doing in order to watch the Little Giant commercials. The Little Giant remains one of the most thoughtful Christmas presents I've ever received. I mean what other ladder can safely rest with two legs on the stairs? I used this feature just today. And I'm not 250 pounds, yet, despite all of the whole milk, but it would be totally safe for me to be on the Little Giant if I were.
  4. Veronica Mars. Joss Wedon told me to watch Veronica Mars, and so I did, because he's an artistic genius. I found myself with a series of DVDs not a single person in my peer group had ever seen - or was willing to ever see. OK, fine, it is a high school drama but it's still good TV. Same goes for Buffy, but I always had friends who recognized Buffy's quality.
  5. Driving stick. Driving at all is passe for environmentalists, but I only just learned how to shift, and it's such a pleasure, please, don't make me hate it. It even turns out that parallel parking with a manual transmission is one of my Special Talents. If I can ever afford a hybrid, I'll have to go back to just steering the thing, which would rob the Earth of my talent. Sigh.
And you? What's your secret delight?


Jill said...

I love the new keyboard for our computer. i accidentally killed the last one by cleaning it (I'll never try it again) so i had to go buy a new one. i love the sound made by striking the keys. however, i detect that i am burning less calories striking these keys (they are much shallower) so i anticipate putting another 10 pounds on my amazon frame simply for upgrading my keyboard. i don't think it's going to take the human race 700 years to resemble weeble-wobbles like the movie "WALL-E" implies...

Lisa said...

Whole milk grosses me out (I think mainly because I am not a milk drinker), but whole milk yogurt is so delicious. Although Trader Joes has a greek yogurt - Fage - that I think is just as good fat free.

Amadeus said...

For me:

1. American cheese. Especially as part of a grilled cheese sandwich. It's so melty and fake. Delicious.

2. Wheel of Fortune. I like it when the contestants win the big prize. They are so happy.

Alex said...

Jill - you can probably burn those extra calories by sticking out your booty on your elliptical trainer. Only don't really stick out your booty, because then people will laugh at you. Trust me.

Lisa - I'll have to try Greek yogurt. I can see being grossed out by whole milk, but I can't convince myself to be grossed out.

Amadeus - Did you know that American cheese is called Canadian cheese north of the border? True story. Or at least I heard it on NPR once.

Eoin said...

My friend Elizabeth (actually she is really Heidi's friend) is a huge Veronica Mars fan, and when we named one our daughters Veronica she lent us the DVDs. Heidi and I watched the first couple episodes which I enjoyed, but it was so rare that we both had time and interest that we fell out of the habit (and because we moved our tv down to the basement and haven't bothered hooking it up yet)... okay I am rambling... but I am looking forward to watching V.M. again... someday... when life has settled down (which may mean never). I too, place great faith in the opinions of Joss Whedon and am looking forward to his new show (next month?! feb?).