Saturday, June 06, 2009

An Actual Conversation

At the Farmer's Market this morning.

Sales Guy (in a non-Minnesota accent): Boiled peanuts! Try some boiled peanuts!
Guy on Cell Phone: Bull penis?
Sales Guy: Boil-ed peanuts.
Cell Phone Guy: Boiled penis?
Sales Guy (excitedly): That's right. Boiled peanuts. Try some.
Cell Phone Guy (looking down at his crotch): Well, as long as it's not mine.
Sales Guy: Why? Do you like yours roasted?
Cell Phone Guy: ???
Sales Guy (after a delay): Oh, never mind. I gotcha.

The cell phone guy gamely tried the boiled peanuts, as did I. Miscommunication aside, I'm not so sure boiled peanuts are going to become the next great snack food of the farmer's market. Boiling salt water dribbles down your chin as you try to crack the shell. The reward of soggy peanut pulp isn't enough to get me to come back for more.


ppc said...


cathy said...

but bull penis, on the other probably even worse.

chinese people like boiled peanuts, but they are usually dried out before eating. i actually crave them and the american roasted peanuts don't quite taste as good to me.

i miss farmers markets.

Alex said...

Maybe YOU should move here. I'm just saying. We have farmers markets. And Beau.

Andrew said...

In Southern, it's pronounced "bald peanuts." I love boiled peanuts and eat them a lot in the summer, especially when we are down in Savannah- they are like redneck edamame.

The thing is, eating them at the farmer's market is no good. You need to eat them on the porch, while drinking a beer. That's the stuff.

Andrew said...

Oh yeah, the Asian supermarket near my house has pig penises for sale. Also pig uteruses. But no bull penises, as far as I know. Anyway, I'll eat a lot of stuff, but reproductive organs are a little much, even for me. Yick.

Alex said...

Yeah. That's what it sounded like to me. Bald penis.

Anonymous said...

OK, exactly what farmer's market did you go to? I MUST have boiled peanuts!

Andrew said...

If the guy isn't at the market again, boiled peanuts are really easy to make. You do need raw peanuts, but you can get those at Asian supermarkets.

Anonymous said...

I must have boiled peanuts...which farmer's market did you go to? Pleeease post it here, I will be checking back!

Alex said...

Calm down, Boiled Peanut Guy. It was at the Midtown Farmer's Market at 22nd Avenue and East Lake Street. Good luck and godspeed. I don't love the boiled peanuts, but I admire your passion.