Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Library Again

I went back to the library. The creepy guy was there. He did try to follow me out, but I thwarted him by forgetting my hat. It'd be easy to change my hours so that he couldn't find me again, but I'd be afraid of losing my regulars.

Anyway, here's a video about tutoring at the library, starring me, and made by one of the other tutors. Enjoy.


swabmenot said...

That's some good thwarting. After watching the video, I can understand why you wouldn't want to lose your regulars. That looks immensely fulfilling.

Chris H. said...

Nice video - that's awesome work you do for the community, Alex. Thank you for volunteering your time & talent!

Alex said...

Well, I have to admit that the best part is that I got to meet Sanden Totten of MPR fame. Well, famous to me, anyway. He volunteers his time and talent, too.

All right. All right. It's not the best part. I'm just name-dropping. And it's a name only true MPR devotees will recognize anyway.

Alex said...

I didn't make the video. I was just the talent, so it shouldn't have my name. Besides, you don't have to be deep to fall in love with a chocolate lab puppy. Can't wait to meet him.