Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fever Cured

I gave the sweater away today, and then, mere hours later, I drew my dad's name in the gift draw. If only I could have waited it could have passed as a Christmas present.

In case you were worried, it fit. The sleeves were long enough. The neck was only a little bit weird, and I only had to reknit it three times to make it work. I learned a new cast-off.

In other news, I ran for about six miles today to Lake Nokomis, around it, and back home. I'm starting a new thing where I'm following a half-marathon training program. Not, mind you, that I plan on running in a half-marathon. You'd have to be half-nuts to run in one of those.

That is all. Oh, yeah. I don't want to go to work tomorrow, mostly because I didn't grade homework this weekend. Blech.


carrie said...

Six miles! You are going to leave me in the dust in that reindeer run. You'll be Rudolph and I'll be ... Blitzen?

swabmenot said...

Wow, six miles, that's awesome, Al! I'm impressed. And jealous. I'd like to see if I can do that once my foot heals.

Rory said...

hi al.

Alex said...

Oh, Carrie, if you must know, I ran six slow miles, with some walking. There will be no leaving any reindeer in the dust for this girl. We're shooting for stamina, not speed. It's an easier target.

Sorry again about the foot, Dave. Mostly I'm sorry I pushed you down and then laughed at you.

Rory! Hello!