Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hammer Time

Also, I had to tell you that I played a little MC Hammer in my calculus class.

I have a disability which allows me to not-hear music. Usually this disability boosts my immunity to ear-worms. However, hearing the song four times in one day was too much even for me. It's in my head now, but good.

Anyway, I was teaching about asymptotes. I played the song, and then I blew their minds with a little bit of this action:

MC Hammer was wrong. You can touch an asymptote. Repeatedly. Cool!


Andrew said...

Your students didn't pull the "ooh, this song is so OOOOLD, it came out before we were BOOOORRN" trick, did they? Because I hate that. Making me feel old.

Anonymous said...

Hammer is NEVER wrong.

Alex said...

One of my kids actually believed me when I said it was called the "Asymptote Song."

Another one knew all of the words.

Lisa said...

Hammer Time, yes! Math, well, looking at that equation makes my stomach hurt.