Wednesday, November 05, 2008


"Oh, yes," said a woman at the party, when I told her where I work. "I used to know someone who worked at that school. She taught there for one year, and then she quit teaching." She caught my look. "Oh, but I don't think it was the school," she said too quickly. "I think she was just done with teaching."

I nodded. Sure. It probably had nothing to do with the lack of windows or collegiality. She was probably just done teaching. Who makes big decisions like quitting your career just because you're isolated in a concrete box for ten hours a day?

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OneN said...

You can grow in a concrete box with no windows...just ask could get moldy Al...better get out of there, and quick! Who does get windows? The Ken and Barbie teachers? I don't have windows, well I do, but they look into someone else's office space, so much for a ray of sunshine.