Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Internet Made Another Mistake

There's a website that will tell you what Meyers-Briggs type of person the author of a blog is. Guess what I am. Go ahead. It'll be fun.

If you guessed "The Performer," you're as wrong as the website. ESFP? Never in all my days! An extrovert? Feeling over thinking? Sensing over Intuiting? Come on, Internet, have you met me?

Don't worry. It's in beta. Maybe future releases will implement an algorithm that will be able to cull personality traits like introversion and logical and symbolic thinking from such post titles as "The Introvert at Sea" and "Polynomials".

Or maybe I'm more extroverted than I think I am. But after spending the past 2 hours meeting parents, I'm feeling like a puddle of mush. Shouldn't an extrovert be ready to party right about now?

P.S. As long as I'm pointing you to websites, you might as well go vote on which ballots should go to Franken and which should go to Coleman. Come on. Be honest. Stop saying "Franken" just because you want your veto-proof majority.

P.P.S. It's neck and neck between "Hot Dish" and "Under Construction", but I think Rachael logs on to a new computer and over-votes for "Under Construction" every time "Hot Dish" pulls ahead.


Jill said...

I like "The Introvert At Sea" for a blog title!

Chris H. said...

Interesting site. But it loads the results so fast, I wonder what it's actually looking at. Mine was 50% in agreement with my past Myers-Briggs results. I guess if being right half the time is good enough the local news weather-guessers, then it's good enough for this too ;)

Alex said...

I did a little experimenting. Every blog I put in that thing was written by a "Performer". Can that be right? I think it's all a scam. And you're right, Chris, it's too fast. It takes way longer than that to analyze anyone as complicated as I am.